Pressure Cooking Guide for Beginners

Learn to use your electric pressure cooker and tackle the intimidation!

Complete Use and Care Guide for Your Electric Pressure Cooker

Is your electric Pressure Cooker stil sitting in its box? Did you JUST get an electric Pressure Cooker? Or are you just beginning or would like to know more? In this eBook I will show you:

  • How to clean and care for your PC.
  • How to get started, what each part is and how to make sure your Pressure Cooker is working.
  • The intimidating releasing of the pressure! Tackle any intimidation you may have had. Afterall this is not your grandmother's pressure cooking anymore!
  • What to cook first! The best recipes to help you get cookin'! 

What to Cook First??? 

THE number #1 most common question! I got my Pressure Cooker, now what?!

  • Easy simple and great basic recipes for everyday use of your Pressure Cooker.
  • I will share the accessories I use to help me cook in the Presssure Cooker.
  • Recipes like: Steel Cut Oats, White Chicken Chili, Portuguese Stew, Grandma's Roast, Yogurt, Chicken: Whole & Pieces, and hard boiled eggs. Simple easy everyday meals.

The Pressure Cooking Guide for Beginners

Care & Use

How to Clean and care for your new toy! 


End Intimidation

Recipes to get you started. Instruction that is easy to follow.
Seriously, it's easy! 

Tips & Tricks

Tips on using the pressure cooker. Accessories that are helpful.
And information you will use

About the Author, Amanda Long

“I love to teach people about food and how to cook. My goals is to help the everyday home cook, make homemade meals more simple and doable for everyday life. 

My Pressure Cooking Guide helps you do just that. The Pressure Cooker is a tool to help make healthy, fast, and tasty meals on busy weeknights.

The Pressure Cooking Guide will help you get rid of any hesitation or intimidation that all those old stories about pressure cooking has instilled in us. Afterall, this is not your grandma's pressure cooking! This is our new generation easy and SAFE pressure cooking."